5 Factors To Consider Before Getting A Lettering Tattoo In San Antonio, TX

Getting a tattoo has been considered as a form of body art that a lot of people are planning on having because this is a permanent form of body art that could signify meaningful places, people, and things in your life. You could know more about lettering tattoos in San Antonio, TX if you are interested in getting one yourself. Here are 5 factors to consider before getting a lettering tattoo in San Antonio. TX.

What things to consider before getting a lettering tattoo in San Antonio?

1. Size and location

You may or may not know that tattoos could actually fade. This would usually depend on which part of your body you have it on. During the beginning, your tattoo may have these outlines and designs that would look sharp but it could become blurry over time so you have to make sure that you have determined the right place and the right size of the tattoo.

The size of your tattoo would also depend on the location you want to get your tattoo like how your thighs have this bigger and wider coverage than the forearm. Your tattoo artist could also help you determine where and how big you are going to get your tattoo if you are not sure.

2. Research

Before anything else, you have to do your research. Be prepared for what kind of tattoo you are going to get because this would permanently be on your skin. Ponder what kind of design you are going to want and which artist you are going to be working on before you sit on the chair. 

Personalizing the tattoo that you’re going to get is great because it could be a way to make sure that your tattoo would only be catered to you and only you, and it could cater to what you really want it to mean, especially if you have a special meaning behind it.

But you could always look at the portfolio of the tattoo artist that you are working with and pick a design that you are interested in. Each tattoo artist has their own style so look for a tattoo artist who is compatible with you. 

3. It is going to hurt

Getting a tattoo is painful, especially if you have low pain tolerance. Though the tolerance levels of different people are different. Some things that you have to remember is that getting a tattoo over a bone would hurt so much more compared to getting a tattoo on a muscle, your head would have to be the most sensitive area when you’re getting a tattoo, and the ribcage, inner thigh, torso, and undersides are also pretty sensitive.

4. Safety

You have to keep your safety in mind, so make sure that the tattoo artist that you are working with is highly considerate of your safety. There are going to be specific licenses that your tattoo artist must have so make sure that they have it during your consultation so that you know whether or not they have the license before they could even sit on the chair. 

You also have to look at the tattoo parlor and make sure that it is clean and sanitary. With the pandemic that we have now, you have to make sure that they are masked up, have social distancing, and sanitize properly. 

5. Preparations 

When you are getting a tattoo, it’s more of mental preparation than a physical one so you are going to need to have a lot of sleep before you go to your appointment so that you could stay calm and be relaxed when you go to your apartment. 

You also need to eat a solid meal before you go into that tattoo parlor and carry some snacks. Chocolate is preferable because your sugar might go down while you are getting a tattoo.

What is the best lettering for tattoos?

  • Fearless script
  • Inked script
  • Meridian pro
  • True love
  • Sailors tattoo pro
  • Fette fraktur
  • Anguilla tattoo
  • Bleeding cowboys
  • True man tattoos
  • Hustlers 

How small can a lettering tattoo be?

When you are planning on getting a letter tattoo and you have no idea how big it should be, you must have the size at least ½ inches tall because if it is so much smaller than this, it would not be understandable, and the quality of your tattoo long term would not be that great. So if you have a designed tattoo lettering that is less than ½ inches tall, don’t be surprised if your tattoo artist asks you to reconsider and possibly resize the tattoo design.

How long do lettering tattoos take in San Antonio?

How long the lettering tattoo would generally depend on how big your tattoo would be and how much detail you want it to have. There is no set time for getting your tattoo, factors like coloring, size, and placement would both affect the time and the cost of your tattoo because even though your tattoo seems different, it would take much longer on certain parts of your body. You could consult with your tattoo designer so that they could prepare the setting up, breaking down, stenciling, and familiarizing themselves with the design.

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