david palmer uk housing law is the director of housing law at Stapleton Solicitors


David Palmer UK housing law is the director of housing law at Stapleton Solicitors. He has extensive experience working in the field of housing law, and he was involved in drafting the Housing Act 1985, as well as being a member of the expert group on civil fraud that produced a report for the government in 2006.

He is also a board member of Stapleton Solicitors and is an experienced landlord and grower who offers advice to individuals wanting to buy or rent property, with particular expertise in smallholdings.

What is david palmer uk housing law?

David Palmer is a housing law expert who has helped many people with their housing problems. He is passionate about helping people access their rights, and he has helped many people get the compensation they deserve.

He specializes in residential property disputes, including disputes over leaseholds and tenancies. If you have any questions about your lease or tenancy agreement, contact David Palmer today!

Right to buy

Right to buy is a government policy that allows people to buy their council house. It was introduced in the 1980s and has been popular with many people, but it was abolished by the coalition government in 2013.

The right to buy scheme allows eligible tenants who are at least 18 and have lived in their homes for five years or more after moving into them, or who are widowed or bereaved, first time buyers or those on low incomes. The buyer must also be responsible for paying off any mortgage debt associated with the property they intend to purchase at full market value within seven years of buying it (or earlier if necessary).

Access to justice and courts

Access to justice and courts

Access to justice is a fundamental principle of the UK legal system. It means that everyone has a right to be treated fairly by the courts and have their cases heard in court without unreasonable delay or expense. The aim is for people who have been wronged by others, or who feel they need protection from unlawful actions, to be able to seek redress from the appropriate body in order that justice can be done on their behalf.

The main types of court are:

  • High Court (or Court of Appeal) – This is where appeals are heard against decisions made by lower courts, such as magistrates’ courts, county courts and family law tribunals; it also hears civil cases involving £3m (£2m) or more; cases involving issues such as discrimination based on race/ethnic origin/ancestry; defamation claims made against public figures etc.; some matrimonial matters involving allegations of domestic violence against either party within marriage but not related specifically just because one party asks him/herself why did my boyfriend hit me again?

The bill of rights

The bill of rights is a list of rights that everyone has. It’s also a list of rights that every person should have and be able to access, so if you’re applying for housing in the UK, this is something to keep in mind when filling out your application form or dealing with any potential issues during the process.

The first two articles relate to what David Palmer calls “universal” housing rights: he believes these are basic fundamental principles which should apply to all forms of residential property ownership; they include things like privacy and security as well as fair treatment by landlords/landlords’ agents/agents representing both owners & tenants alike (such as solicitors).

Consequences of non-compliance with david palmer uk housing law

If you do not follow the rules, then your landlord can evict you. You could be fined if you do not follow the rules and prosecuted if they think that this is deliberate or malicious behaviour on your part. Your landlord can also give out a criminal record to anyone who breaks their lease agreement with them.

David Palmer is a UK housing law expert, who has a passion for helping people access their rights.

David Palmer is a UK housing law expert, who has a passion for helping people access their rights. He is also a landlord and tenant expert, social housing expert and estate agent expert (among others) so he can help you with all aspects of your property transaction from start to finish.

If you want to find out more about David’s services or would like to book an appointment with him please contact us today!


David Palmer is a UK housing law expert, who has a passion for helping people access their rights.

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