Don’t take her to the Summer Music Festival – here’s why

You found a lovely lady from some dating site and decided picnics are lame. Perhaps you have done picnics already and are seeking to go wild and out. Whatever the reason for picking the music festival as the go-to spot, forget it. This is where a few dumb and sometimes fatal things happen.

There have been festivals where people got rowdy and things were damaged. Also, people were injured. After visiting a few Venezuelan dating sites, chances are you found the right lady. With this right lady, there are better places to visit than the summer festival.

To go or not to go

Rest assured not taking her to the summer festival has nothing to do with the festival per se. Most festivals and management behind them take ample measures to ensure people get their money’s worth. With that being said, here’s exactly why you shouldn’t take that broad to the summer festival.

1. Drunkenness

People show up at the festival to let off steam, and some let off too much. At some point, there will be a few guys who get rowdy for one or two reasons. Besides pushing and shoving, there will be a few blows thrown. This won’t be good for anyone.

If you happen to be on your first date you might receive a few ends yourself. Picture the lady you found on some decent site experiencing this nonsense. It is better to attend a rock concert in the city. If things go haywire, you can leave.

2. Duration

The above brings us to the next point which is the length of the festival. Eventually, you might get tired, or the fights get heated. At a festival, it becomes considerably harder to leave. It might become almost impossible to leave if you set up camp up front.

This makes it more infuriating and your date might end up in tears. It is better to find a piano and play her a few songs or attend a ball or cabaret. Sometimes, you can barely water at some point and the heat gets unbearable. It is a most annoying feeling and might not offer value for money.

3. Unfriendly

Ever heard of Woodstock? Well, the first one was a blast and the second one had too many blasts. With festivals, they are never the perfect place for ladies. It means someone always reaches and touches someone.

This always leads to problems for the dude, the lady, and the guy who brought her to the festival. In this case, the guy is you. So avoid unnecessary problems and just don’t take her to a summer festival. They are never women-friendly.

4. Loudness

Picture you and her hoping to get some time alone. Quality time is never possible at a summer festival. The idea is that a festival gets louder and louder. If you honestly wanted quality time it would make more sense to watch a movie at home.

Because you can barely hear each other it makes it tougher to communicate about anything, including being uncomfortable. By the time you learn of an issue, it might be too late to resolve it. Summer festivals are for single men hoping to get liquored up and let loose.

Bottom Line

A summer festival sounds good on paper, more so for the organizers though. Festivals make very few happy which includes sponsors of such events, and those who get some brand marketing. For revelers, it is rarely a good experience. Everything goes wrong at festivals and whatever could go wrong probably will. Stick to the suburbs or perhaps a concert with the boys. Anything else and you are actively seeking problems.  

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