everleigh hawkins is a popular YouTuber known for her videos with her twin sister


Everleigh Hawkings is a popular Youtuber, known for her videos with her twin sister Ava. Everleigh’s dad helps manage both of their channels.

Everleigh has a twin sister, Ava.

Everleigh is the older twin. She was born in May of 2017, and Ava followed in November of that year. They have a younger sister named Lila, who’s also 5 years old. The three siblings live with their parents at their home in Los Angeles, California.

Everleigh Hawkins’ father is NBA player Chris Paul (the son of Carol Paul). He’s not only an NBA star but also an entrepreneur who owns his own clothing line called CP3 Brand Collection—and he does so well that he’s worth $40 million!

Everleigh’s favorite color is pink.

Everleigh’s favorite color is pink. Not in the sense of “pink is a fun color,” but rather because it’s the perfect shade of love and joy. Everleigh believes that all things should be made out of this hue—from unicorns to rainbows and even herself! And if you think about it, there are plenty of other animal species who could use some love too: dolphins (who have been dubbed as “the most intelligent sea creatures on earth”), elephants (who have big hearts), pandas (who look adorable).

All these animals should wear bright pinks too!

Everleigh’s favorite animal is a unicorn.

Everleigh loves unicorns. She says she would like to be one, but she’s not sure if they are real or not. If they are real, Everleigh would like to ride on their backs and do whatever they want with their horns. She also thinks that unicorns might be able to fly through the air and jump over mountains without breaking a sweat (although she has never been able to prove this).

If ever you want to see what it feels like being a unicorn yourself, take some time out of your day right now and go watch this video:

Everleigh’s favorite food is spaghetti.

Everleigh’s favorite food is spaghetti. Spaghetti is a great source of fiber and protein, which can help you feel fuller for longer than other types of meals. It’s also quick and easy to prepare, so you don’t have to worry about spending hours preparing your dinner (or doing dishes afterwards).

Spaghetti can be served as either a light meal or side dish, depending on what else you’re planning on eating with it. If you’re having friends over for dinner, then serving them some spaghetti could be the perfect way to keep everyone happy while still being able to eat healthy!

Everleigh likes to play with dolls and dress them up.

Everleigh likes to play with dolls and dress them up. She has made many videos about her dolls, and she even sleeps in a room full of them at night.

Everleigh is also very good at making videos. She has made several videos with her friends that show how they are all having fun together doing different things like playing soccer or playing basketball outside in the backyard

Everleigh was born on december 14, 2008.

Everleigh was born on December 14, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. Her parents are from New York City and have been married since 1990.

Her father is a comedian and her mother is an artist. Everleigh has two brothers: one who’s older than she is and another one who’s younger than her by five minutes! The oldest child also happens to be Ava’s twin sister (the youngest).

Everleigh loves pink because it reminds her of her mother—she says that it makes her feel happy when she sees something pink!

everleigh hawkins’ dad helps manage both of their channels.

Everleigh’s dad manages both of their channels. He’s not a partner, but he helps manage all of their social media accounts, including Instagram and Twitter.

everleigh hawkins lives in los angeles.

Everleigh Hawkins is a 13-year-old girl from Los Angeles, California. She has a twin sister named Ava.

Everleigh has been working with her mother since she was very young and now she is trying to make their own YouTube channel together called “Everly & Ava.” The two of them love making videos about fashion, makeup and more! They also want to make it into the fashion industry someday!


As you can see, Everleigh’s life is pretty awesome. She has a twin sister named Ava who also lives in Los Angeles and helps manage the channels. Everleigh’s favorite color is pink and she loves unicorns! Her favorite food is spaghetti, but she also likes hamburgers because they’re so delicious. Her dad manages both of their channels together called “Everleigh & Ava”.

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