How To Build An Impressive Art Collection While On A Budget

Buying art for many seems like an impossible dream to achieve. It feels like a distant world where only people with millions can afford to decorate their homes with various artwork. 

But as an art lover, you should not be demotivated as there are many ways you can still buy affordable art, whether painting or photography. 

Let’s talk about a few tips to help you set up the art wall you’ve always longed for.

Get to Know Your Tastes

Knowing what you like and don’t like is crucial before you begin your artwork collecting journey. You don’t want to end up with an art collection that does not fascinate you. 

Visit around art exhibitions and fairs. Get to know the artists and their collections by following them on social media. There’s no need to follow popular trends or other people’s opinions. Buy something that you truly admire and what inspires you.

Look for Original Prints

Many artists offer original prints of their works that are much more affordable than the paintings themselves. Since they come in small batches, you need to grab the opportunity firsthand.

A gallery wall looks more attainable if you start shopping for art prints instead of the originals. Fine art prints are becoming more popular recently because of their rising quality and low prices.

Interact With Art Graduates

As another affordable option, you can buy from fresh art graduates. For that, you need to keep an eye on graduates from major art schools. Visit the event held by these schools and get to know the artists and their work.

Talk to them about their work and see what attracts you the most. Buying from emerging artists before their work reaches high commercial value is the smart move. 

Take a look at Online Art Sites

Going to art exhibitions and asking for information on every art piece may be a daunting task. Fortunately, online galleries are in trend. You can use them to compare prices and find artworks that fit your budget quite easily.

Look for styles and artists that you are instantly drawn to. There are many great options for new art collectors to buy fine paintings online. It makes buying art more accessible and transparent.

Start Small and Slow

New art collectors might be urged to fill their walls full of art collections right away. It’s better to buy slowly and thoughtfully based on how you associate with the painting. 

Not only is it expensive to buy artwork based on impulse, but it is also not a good idea to fill up your wall immediately, as it could take away the fun.

Once you’ve bought an art piece, the framing costs could be another barrier. You can choose cheaper options like magnets, scrapbook corners, or hanging clips.

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