Joinpd is a free online platform that lets you join and interact


Joinpd is a free online platform that lets you join and interact with other students, teachers and tutors. We offer a wide variety of courses in different subjects like English Language, Mathematics, History etc. You can register yourself on this platform by providing your email address and an email id for verification purpose which will be sent after successful verification process. You can also download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and use it on mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad.

Cost Of eLearning

The cost of eLearning is usually less than traditional classroom learning. There are many different costs associated with online courses, such as:

  • Software and equipment costs
  • Proctoring services (if you need a proctor)
  • Tuition fees for your students

Consider a proctoring service

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to using a proctoring service. However, it’s important to note that not every school offers them, so if your school doesn’t offer this option, then you’ll need to find another one that does.

When deciding whether or not a proctoring service would be right for your needs and budget (especially if you’re paying out of pocket), here are some things that should factor into your decision:

  • How long do they expect me to stay?
  • How much will I save by using them?
  • Do they offer any other services like conference room setup or equipment rental?

The information you need about technology for online learning

  • Online learning technology:
  • Online learning platforms: There are many different online learning platforms, and they all have their own strengths. Some of them have the most up-to-date resources and tools available, while others might not be as advanced but still provide a good experience for students. If you’re looking for a platform that has everything you need in one place, choose one with an interface that can be navigated easily by your team.
  • Online learning tools: When it comes to teaching students new material, having access to all kinds of resources is important—and we’re not just talking about textbooks! Some schools use software programs like Google Drive or Dropbox (which we’ll talk more about below) so teachers can share files easily among themselves; others may use an online resource like Khan Academy where there’s a wide selection of videos at their fingertips when preparing lessons; yet another option would be something like Blackboard Learn which allows teachers even greater flexibility with how they present information via webpages instead of slideshows or other presentations formats used elsewhere on campus.”

Online Learning Etiquette

You should be able to access your course 24/7. If you’re having problems with this, please contact the instructor.

If you have a question or concern, ask the instructor! They are there to help and will do their best to answer any questions that arise during the course content.

If something goes wrong with your computer or internet connection (such as disconnecting) while using a course resource such as a website, message board etc., ask us immediately! We want our students to succeed at what they want out of joinpd so if something is not working properly within our system we’d love for them tell us right away so we can fix it right away rather than waiting until after everyone has completed their courses which could lead up being too late when trying again later down line.”

Resources for Online Education

There are several online learning resources, tools and platforms that you can use to help you achieve your education goals.

  • Online learning courses: There are a variety of free or paid web-based courses available. Some examples include and, which offer thousands of videos for professionals who want to learn new skills quickly and easily. You can also search YouTube for “online education” to find thousands more options!
  • Online learning software: Many universities have their own websites where they provide access to their library or databases so students can use them while they’re away from campus (or even if they don’t go there!). One example is MIT’s OpenCourseWare project; another option would be Coursera if you’re looking for something more general purpose than just video lectures on specific topics like math basics etc…

Tips For Your First Day Of Online Class

  • Be on time. This is important because it will show that you are committed to the class and don’t have personal obligations or other commitments that might get in the way of attending.
  • Bring a laptop or tablet with you, as well as your own charger so you can plug it in if needed. You don’t want to be late just because there was a problem with power at home!
  • Be prepared for what’s going to happen in class: know what topics we cover each week (and which ones we’ll discuss today), think about any questions that might arise during this session, and decide how much time would be best spent working on those tasks rather than reading from an article or book outside of class time—this will help keep things moving forward smoothly while still allowing time for questions/discussion when necessary.* Be honest: tell us if something doesn’t make sense right away; explain why something wasn’t clear enough; tell us if there’s something else related but unrelated that could help clarify some confusing parts of our conversation.* Be respectful: treat everyone else around here like their ideas matter just as much as yours do when talking about problems related directly back toward ourselves together over Skype after hours trying different things until one sticks thoughout all those hours spent trying different things together online instead…

Way to go

Now that you’ve decided to take a class with us, it’s time to get started!

Here are some tips on how to get ready for your online course:

If you have any questions about anything that is mentioned above or not mentioned at all in this article, please feel free to contact us. We can help!


We hope this article helped you to learn more about online education. Joinpd is a great place to start your education, but it’s important for you to find the right fit for your learning style and needs. If at any point during your journey we can help make things easier by providing a demo or something else, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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