Ma Cookie Settlement Fund is a program that was created by the U.S.


There is much to know about Ma Cookie Settlement Fund is a program that was created by the U.S. Department of Justice in response to allegations of fraud and abuse within the ma cookie program. It provides monetary compensation for consumers who submitted claims for refunds on behalf of other people who were allegedly overcharged for their purchases. The settlement fund provides payments ranging from $50 up to $250 per claim, depending on how many other claimants there are in your case and how old they were when they purchased their computers or tablets under the ma cookie program; most people will receive somewhere between $100-$150 per claimant at most

When will I get my check?

You will receive your check in the mail within the next few weeks. Your check will be mailed to the address you provided on your claim form and may take a few days to arrive.

What may I receive in the mail?

The following items may be included in your claim:

  • A check from Ma Cookie Settlement Fund. This is the amount of money that was collected from consumers as part of the class action lawsuit against Walmart and other retailers for collecting data about their customers online without permission. If you have been affected by this issue, you could receive a check for up to $15 per person who purchased items from Walmart during the class period (October 19th, 2005 through March 15th, 2013).
  • A letter explaining what happened with your cookie settlement fund claim form. It includes instructions on how to submit your paperwork and any questions you might have about receiving it or getting more information about what happened with this lawsuit.
  • An FAQs page with answers provided by attorneys at law firms working on behalf of consumers who were affected by these practices at some point during their lives—or still are today!

Do I have to do anything to qualify for a payment?

You do not need to take any action or send in any documentation to claim your settlement payment. There’s no deadline for filing a claim, and there is no fee required to file a claim.

If you file an online or phone-based application, all of the information about your case will be provided by the fund itself. When claimants apply for their funds, they are asked if they want their money sent directly into their bank account (or if they prefer it sent via check). Once this has been done, claimants can then expect that their money will be deposited into their accounts within 30 days of submitting all required documents (easefully summed up here).

What was the lawsuit about?

The suit was filed on behalf of consumers who purchased cookies and other products from defendants. It alleged that defendants’ packaging, advertising and promotion practices made misleading claims about the healthfulness of their products.

The lawsuit sought relief under several different laws:

  • California’s Unfair Competition Law (UCL), which prohibits false or deceptive advertising; and
  • The Consumer Legal Remedies Act (CLRA), which protects California residents from unfair business practices by requiring businesses to provide accurate information about their products or services at the time they’re sold.

Settlement payments can be claimed in two ways.

The two ways to claim a settlement payment are by mail, or electronically. You can also claim your settlement payment by phone.

If you choose to be paid via check in the mail, it will typically arrive within two weeks of submission of your claim form. If you’d like more information about what happens after submitting a claim form, visit our FAQs page!

How were claims allocated?

The way claims were allocated was based on the number of times you purchased certain products. If you purchased more than one product, your claim was allocated based on the number of times you purchased each product.

For example, if a consumer bought three bottles of soda from a store and then returned them because they weren’t what he wanted, his claim would cover all three returns regardless of whether he had already paid for another return or not.

How much will each claimant receive?

The amount of your claim depends on the number of boxes you purchased and how many were sold to others. For example, if you bought 100 boxes of cookies and only ate 50, then you can claim for losses up to $50 per box.

If you are not a member of the class but still want to participate in this settlement fund, there is an option where they will send out a check from their cookie settlement fund after all claims have been made by members or non-members alike. If someone has lost money due to “cookie fatigue” (the phenomenon wherein people get tired after eating too much sugar) then perhaps purchasing fewer packages might be helpful for them!

ma cookie settlement fund

What is the ma cookie settlement fund?

The ma cookie settlement fund was created by the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against several companies, including Google and others. The goal of this fund is to compensate consumers who purchased certain types of ads on their computers or smartphones that were targeted by these companies’ cookies. If you did not consent to having your information collected through these advertisements, then you may qualify for compensation from this fund. You can find out more about how it works here: [](

When will I get my check?

You may get an email from Google or one of its partners stating that they received your application form and requesting additional information such as photographs or video footage showing where the incident happened (if possible). After submitting this information, you should receive notice within two weeks if your claim qualifies under their guidelines; otherwise it could take up to four months before receiving any payment from them at all! If after four months without hearing anything back from either company again then please contact us directly via email at support@privacyrightsfoundationnycnyc@gmailcom


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