shoresy season 2 has started and we are excited about it


The Shoresy season 2 has started and we are excited about it! The first thing you should know is that this season was originally supposed to begin in March, but due to a delay, the opening date was changed from March 1 to April 1st. This means that if you have been following the series since last year, then there’s not much newer for you here. But if you’re new, or haven’t seen any of the previous seasons, yet then we’ve got some great news for you:

There will be a bit less talking and more action scenes (but we still love listening to Sean Kennedy and his voice acting skills) Section: The characters are going through their own personal journeys, so don’t expect them all being together constantly like they were last year (especially since Sean decided not to return) Section: There is going to be one very special episode where every character in the show gets an episode all by themselves (and each one is different)!

The season starts with a recap episode on November 15th

The season starts with a recap episode on November 15th, which will be followed by the premiere of Shoresy season 2 on November 22nd. This means that you’ll get to see two episodes in one week—a rare occurrence in today’s television landscape.

The musical guest for Shoresy season 2 will be The Beatles (on December 6th) and Shakira (on November 29th).

the premiere is November 22nd

The premiere of Shoresy Season 2 is on November 22nd, and the season will begin with a recap episode on November 15th. The musical guest will be The Beatles, who have been confirmed as ambassadors for the show.

Shakira will also appear as a special guest during Shoresy Season 2 (on November 29th).

the musical guest will be the beatles on december 6th

The musical guest will be the Beatles on December 6th.

The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. They became one of the most popular and influential bands of all time, selling over 1 billion albums worldwide and having dozens of singles reach number one on US charts at various times during their career. Their music is noted for its innovative use of simple guitar chords, catchy melodies, and bass-and-drum rhythms (derived from British skiffle), as well as their distinctive vocal harmonies between John Lennon (lead vocals), Paul McCartney (second lead vocals) and George Harrison (rhythm guitar). They have been called “the greatest artists ever” by Rolling Stone magazine’s list; Rolling Stone ranked them number 5 on its list Greatest Artists Of All Time [1].

The band broke up in 1970 but reunited in May 2005, playing shows together until October 2010 when they announced a farewell tour that ended after just four weeks due to conflicting schedules among members.[2]

the musical guest will be shakira on november 29th

The musical guest will be Shakira on November 29th. She is a singer and songwriter from Barcelona, Spain. Her first album was released in English in 2000 and her first album was released in Spanish in 1999. She has won many awards for her music including the Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Album (2001), Billboard Latin Music Awards’s Female Artist of the Year award (2003) and Billboard Latin Music Awards’s Top Dance Club Play Track Record award (moved from club play).

the musical guest will be nina simon on december 13th

The musical guest will be Nina Simon, a singer and songwriter who was born in the United States. She is best known for her hit song “The Power of Love”.

Simon has won several Grammys including Best Pop Vocal Album (for her album Songs About Jane), Best New Artist (for her album Up There Down Here) and Song of the Year (for “The Power Of Love”).

shoresy will sing his own theme song in an episode

Shoresy will sing his own theme song in an episode.

We’re not talking about some little kid singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl or anything like that—we’re talking about a grown man, who’s been on TV for years now, having to sing a song for an audience of millions. This is where you get to take a step back and appreciate just how far Shoresy has come as an actor since he was first on our screens.

shoresy was voted favorite character in a fan poll

Shoresy was voted favorite character in a fan poll. This is great news for Shoresy, who should be happy about this. The fact that you’re reading this means that you care about him and his well-being, which is why I want to tell you everything there is to know about shoresy season 2:

  • Season 2 will premiere on May 20th at 8PM ET/PT on HBO Canada
  • Shoresy’s new job will be working at the beach for the summer! He’ll have to deal with all sorts of new challenges like getting sunburned and not being able to swim because he’s too busy working hard during the day so he can earn enough money for college by nightfall (or something like that).

there are 6 new cast members this season

There are 6 new cast members this season, all of whom are from the same state as Shoresy (California) and have done or are doing something different than him. They:

  • Are not white like Shoresy.
  • Are not male like Shoresy.
  • Are not young enough to be his friend on the show.
  • Have a different race than Shoresy does (for example, they’re Asian).

Shoresy is going to be back on television for even more fun

Shoresy is going to be back on television for even more fun. In an interview with MTV News, the show’s host said that there are plans for a new theme song and for Shoresy himself to sing it in an episode of the show.

Shoresy was voted favorite character in a fan poll conducted by The CW.


Shoresy is a fun show to watch, and I hope that you will enjoy this season as much as I did. The characters are great, the music is always good, and it’s nice seeing Shoresy back on television with some new cast members.

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