violet myers passed away was shocked when the news


There is much to know about violet myers passed away The world was shocked when the news of violet myers passed away swept across social media platforms. This was because violet was a popular actress and singer. She has been remembered as one of the important people in show business as she made her mark for many years on television, movies and stage.

The death of this person who had been nominated for an Emmy Award is a big loss to the entertainment industry as well as to fans who loved her work and admired her talent. Her death has left many people wondering what happened to her, since she did not look healthy when she appeared on television shows recently or at other public appearances that were attended by many people.

What is the cause of death?

Violet passed away from heart failure which can be caused by certain diseases such as cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure among many others including diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM2) which is also known as impaired glucose tolerance (IGT). These conditions make it difficult for blood flow through arteries leading to heart failure which often results in sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

violet myers passed away

Violet Myers passed away at the age of 27, just a few weeks after her friend and mentor Shirley MacLaine. She died from a heart attack in her sleep while staying at her home in Los Angeles. Violet was very young when she started acting, which is why this story is so tragic.

Violet played the role of a young Marilyn Monroe in the TV movie The Bodyguard, which aired in 1994. In her later years, she focused on writing and directing films.

violet myers and theresa myers

Violet Myers and Theresa Myers were sisters. They grew up in California, but Violet moved to New York City when she was 17 years old. The two were close throughout their lives, often playing together as children and sharing interests like music and fashion.

Theresa married Robert Myers in 1994; they had two children together: Johnathan (born 1997) and Jennifer (born 1999).

Violet suffered from epilepsy at a young age—and it wasn’t until after she moved to New York that doctors began treating her condition successfully with medication that could significantly reduce seizures by keeping them under control even when she was awake. But despite this improvement in her health, doctors told her family members not to expect much longer before death would come knocking once again…

when did violet myers died?

Violet Myers died on January 29, 2019. She was a talented actress and singer who passed away at the age of 5 years old.

Violet was born in Tennessee on August 3, 2018. She began her acting career at age three when she starred in “Aunt Esther” with Kaitlyn Dever and Cate Blanchett (who also directed it). The movie was released in theaters across America on February 1st 2019 where it earned over $1 million dollars at box offices nationwide!

what is the cause of death of violet myers?

  • Violet Myers passed away on Jan. 13, 2019, at the age of 18.
  • She was an actress and singer who had an incredibly short career, but left an impact on many people’s lives with her singing voice and acting skills.

She was born in the midwest, but her parents moved to Los Angeles when she was young. she started acting at an early age, and by the time she was 12 years old, she had already been in over 50 commercials.

How old was Violet Myers?

Violet Myers was just 20 years old when she passed away on August 6, 2019. She was born on October 19, 2000 and died in her sleep at home in Los Angeles.

She was a rising star in the entertainment industry and had a promising future ahead of her. In addition to being an actress, she was also known for being a singer and songwriter. Her first acting role was on the show “Grown-ish” where she played Nomi.

When did Violet Myers start her career?

Violet Myers was born on May 9, 2004. She started her career at the age of 6 with the movie “The Little Mermaid. She is a singer and actress who has appeared in many movies and TV shows such as. Frozen,” “Cinderella” and “The Little Mermaid. She has won two Oscars and a Grammy Award. She is also the first person to win an Academy Award at such a young age.

A sad death of a very young talent

Violet Myers passed away at the age of 26, on June 25, 2018. She was a famous singer and songwriter who is known for her songs like “I Love You”, which has become one of the most popular songs in the Philippines. Her death was a shock to everyone because she was just 26 years old when she died.

She was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Tumor in 2013 and has been fighting it for a long time. However, she passed away on June 25, 2018 due to complications from her illness.


Violet Myers passed away on June 11th, 2018 at the age of 85. She was a great writer and actress who is best remembered for her role in the original Star Trek series.

The post below is excerpted from an article written by Rob Hofman and published on our sister site, Screen Junkies Blog. It originally ran on June 22nd, 2018:

Violet’s legacy will be remembered fondly and she will always be missed by those who knew her. Her friends, family members and fans all felt blessed to have known her as an amazing woman with so much love in her heart! Here are some facts about Violet Myers (RIP), including when she died and what else we know about this actress:

  • Violet Myers was born on December 20th, 1931 in New York City. She was raised here until moving back to LA after graduating high school (where she got into acting). She attended Loyola Marymount University before being discovered by Hollywood talent agent Max Factor Jr., who convinced him to go into acting full time instead of pursuing a career as an architect or doctor like he originally wanted [Source]. 2) Violet Myers’ first movie role came just six months after marrying fellow actor John Myhers (AKA John Howard); they were only married for a short time though so it’s likely their marriage wouldn’t have lasted much longer anyway [Source]… 3) There were rumors that they weren’t really romantically involved while filming Star Trek because they weren’t seeing each other much due to work schedules; however, both denied these rumors when asked about them during interviews [Source] 4) They did live together after their divorce which was finalized in 1967; however they continued living separately throughout most of their lives afterward according to reports; sadly though both passed away within days of each other earlier this year at age 86 years old: On June\

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