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5 Amazing Benefits of Luvme Hair Highlighted Wigs

Do you want to transform your look into a brighter and elegant one? Then it would help if you went for a highlighted wig.

Highlighted wigs are always a beauty to behold, and they offer tons of amazing benefits to the wearer. They cause little or no damage, add depth to your hair, and complement your skin tone. A Highlighted wig is one very trendy and stylish type of wig that will make you look glamorous and leave everyone in awe of you. This article will focus on few benefits of these wigs.

Table of Content

  • What are Highlighted Wigs?
  • Benefits of Wearing a Highlighted Luvme Hair Wig.
  • How Wigs are Highlighted
  • Why Luvme Hair
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Luvme Hair
  • Conclusion

What are Highlighted Wigs?

In very simple terms, highlighted wigs are colored wigs on which some pieces of hair are lighter than others. Highlighted wigs increase the level of brightness of your hair strands by alternating a lighter color with the base color of your hair extension.

Highlighted wigs typically consist of two colors- a lighter color and a darker one. If, for instance, if you have a brown wig, you can make some strands of the hair light brown or blonde in color. These are what we call highlights.

Highlighted wigs bring out the beauty and flair in most women. If you are bored of wearing a wig for a while, you should consider adding a highlight to that hair to give it a new look and style. There are a variety of hairstyles that you can highlight, and there are also several highlighting techniques.

Benefits of Wearing a Highlighted Luvme Hair Wig


Low chances of causing hair damage

When you apply hair color such as dyes frequently, there will be increased chances of hair damage. Using a highlighted wig helps to reduce the chances of hair damage because hair color is not added so often. Besides, the hair will be given some weeks to recover from the dying process. 

Also, the strategic placement of hair colors on small sections of your hair decreases hair damage to a great extent. This is because not every portion of your hair will be dyed. Meanwhile, for conventional hair dye, every strand of hair will be dyed. 

Add depth and volume to your hair

Sometimes, a one-color base hair may look scanty and dull. However, when you add a lighter color to the base hair extension, the contrast will sort of add more depth. And volume to the hair. Highlights further strengthen the texture of the hair and increase its glow. To add more style and depth to the hair, you can use a lighter color or a darker one (low light).

Versatile Look

Highlighted wigs give a variety of options on how you want your final look to be. Some women may prefer to have a subtle highlight that won’t be so obvious. On the other hand, some would choose highlights with thicker streaks because they want it to be noticed. Perhaps they feel it will give them a bolder look. You can also choose whether you want a partial highlight or a complete highlight. They both have their uniqueness depending on what you like. In terms of color, there are numerous colors to choose from to give you that distinct look.

Enriches your skin tone

Highlights are not skin tone enhancers, but they greatly compliment your skin complexion. This is especially true when you choose the right color combination that matches your skin tone. A Highlighted wig also brings out your facial features and gives your skin a natural glow.

Rejuvenates your style

Highlights have a way of improving your overall look and fashion style. Irrespective of the tone of your hair, you can choose a highlighted wig that will make you look younger and more glamorous. Highlighted wig also boosts your confidence and gives you a bold look. Whatever your dressing style may be, there is always a Highlighted wig for it.

How Wigs are Highlighted

To add a highlight, you would need an applicator brush, hair color, and foils. Highlights are done by applying the hair color on some strands of the hair using an applicator brush and then folding it with foils to protect the hair.

You can find so many Do-It-Yourself products and tools that will help you highlight your wigs all by yourself. However, it is more advisable to allow a professional to highlight your wig for you at a good salon. 

Why Luvme Hair?

If you need a quality highlighted wig, you can buy it from Luvme Hair. Luvme Hair sells the best quality human hair highlighted wigs that are dye-friendly, lush-textured, and do not tangle. Luvme highlighted hair wigs come in a variety of sizes and colors from which you can choose. At Luvme, there is always great hair for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Luvme Hair

How can I maintain my highlighted wigs?

Maintaining your Highlighted wig is key to ensuring longevity. You can maintain your Highlighted wig by washing it, brushing it with a wide-tooth comb, and storing it properly. Only use sulfate-free shampoo and moisturizing conditioner when you want to wash it. Also, ensure that you do not expose your Highlighted wig to heat. When not in use, store it in a cool and dry place, preferably on a wig stand.

Can I curl or restyle my highlighted wig?

Yes, you can curl your Highlighted wig if you wish to. However, you should avoid any kind of restyling that will require a high amount of heat, as that can lead to hair damage. There are highlighted wigs that are already curled. You can go for those instead.

How long will my Highlighted wig last?

Highlighted wigs are made of high-quality and durable human hair. Your Highlighted wigs can last for years. It all depends on how you use and maintain it.

Is a highlighted wig better than dyeing my hair?

Yes. Highlighted wigs are not only better but safer than dyeing your hair. A highlighted wig causes less hair damage than hair dye and will serve you for a longer period than hair dye. 


Highlighted wigs have become increasingly popular among women who love to up their fashion game. Highlighted wigs improve the style and appearance of women who wear them. Highlighted wigs will also increase the brightness of your hair strands and give you a signature look. Moreover, highlighted wigs are much safer than consistently dyeing your hair. So, if you want to transform your appearance into a brighter and more charming look that will be safe for you, go for a Highlighted wig.

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