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8 Silent Signs Your House Has A Major Plumbing Problem

Plumbing problems can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare and especially if they strike at the most inconvenient hours. While problems like clogged drains or leaks are hard to miss, there are some problems that can go unnoticed initially and become serious later. In this article, let’s learn how to detect the silent signs of major plumbing problems in a house.

  • The Water Is Discolored

If the color of the water that comes out of your faucet is green yellow or brown, it could be an indication that your pipes are severely corroded. While yellow or brown colored water represents rust in water, green water could mean extreme corrosion of copper pipes. You’ll need to call a plumber and address the issue as soon as possible, otherwise, it may result in a leak or burst.

  • Taps Have A Weak Water Flow

If the water pressure is low at one tap it could be an issue with the faucet aerator and replacing it would solve the problem. However, if the water pressure is low at multiple taps, it could indicate a bigger problem. There could be a problem of leakage at the supply line, water main, or other areas.

  • Build-up Around Pipes

Once in a while make sure to check the pipes under your kitchen sink and basement. If you notice any discoloration, or rust, especially near unions, it could indicate the presence of moisture. A supply line with a slow leak can result in a moisture leak. If the problem is left unattended, the highly pressurized supply lines can result in a big mess in no time.

  • Bubbling Wall Paint

If you have recently noticed the paint on your ceiling or walls are bubbling up or peeling off, it could be an indication of moisture. This can result from a leak in the plumbing system or ceiling. Either way, it is best to call 1-800 PLUMBER +AIR before it results in water leaks.

  • Water Bill Are High

If the water usage has remained the same and yet the water bill has started to come higher than usual every month, it could be due to a damaged pipe or water leak. Look for the most common reasons like running toilets, dripping taps, etc., and call a plumber for assistance.

  • Less Or No Water Supply During Winter

If you notice a drop in the pressure of water during the winter time or stop getting water totally, it could be due to frozen pipes. The ice inside the pipe acts as a plug and keeps water from reaching the taps or faucets. If the problem is not dealt with immediately, the high-water pressure inside the pipe can result in burst pipes.

  • Sewer Smell Inside The House

If you notice any foul smell inside the house, like rotten eggs or sulfur, it can indicate to major plumbing problems. Your pipes may be clogged or there could be a gas leak. Other than being unpleasant, longer exposure to the sewer smell can result in serious health hazards.

  • Water Drainage Is Slow At Multiple Drains

Usually, one drain can be slow due to wastes like food particles, hair, etc., however, multiple drains get blocked when there are plumbing issues. If the water is draining slowly through multiple drains, it could indicate that there is a partial blockage at the sewer that needs to be cleaned out. 

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