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Rap duo City Girls have been gaining more and more attention for their music since their debut album, Girl Code, was released in 2018. One of their most popular songs is the remix to their hit single “Act Up,” which features Cardi B and has become a fan favorite. In this article, we will be exploring the lyrics of the remix, analyzing the message behind the words and the impact it has had on listeners.

Background of the Song:

City Girls’ “Act Up” was released in 2018 as part of their debut album, Girl Code. The song gained traction quickly, earning the duo a nomination for Best Rap Performance for the 61st Grammy Awards. The remix of the song was released a year later, featuring Cardi B, and has become even more popular than the original. The song is a celebration of female empowerment and the lyrics are full of wit, wordplay, and clever metaphors.

Analysis of the Lyrics:

The lyrics of the song are full of messages of female empowerment and strength. The chorus of the song states “Act Up, get this bag, get this money/ Act Up, show these boys, show ’em honey/ Act Up, we the ones to watch now/ Act Up, don’t let ’em tell us how”. This is a direct message to other women to be unapologetic in their ambition and to take charge of their own lives. The lyrics also have a strong sense of independence and self-reliance, as the song is full of lines such as “I’m my own boss, I don’t need nobody help” and “We don’t need no man, we got our own bread”.

Impact of the Song:

The song has become an anthem for female empowerment and self-determination. It has been praised for its clever lyrics and inspiring message and has been embraced by listeners of all genders. The song has also been used as a rallying cry in protests and marches around the world, showcasing its power and influence.


City Girls’ “Act Up (Remix)” is a powerful song that celebrates female empowerment and encourages independence and self-reliance. The clever lyrics and inspiring message have resonated with listeners and have had a powerful impact, with the song being used in marches and protests around the world. The song is a powerful reminder of the strength of women and the importance of taking charge of our own lives.

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