The World’s 7 Strangest Driving Laws

Driving laws, local or international, are too many for any of us to know all by heart. And to make things even more pleasant, they vary from one nation to another. Typically, these laws are designed to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians, according to the settings of each country and the behavior patterns of its citizens; although that’s the primary intent when enacting driving regulations, various countries from all around the globe have developed laws that are downright baffling.

It’s not particularly the strange nature of these selected driving laws that leave us puzzled, but it’s that most of them have nothing to do with driving itself! For example, in Alaska, it’s against the law to tie your dog to the roof… Let’s not open a can of worms by trying to learn how this law came into place, please.

Bewildering, funny, or just simply unusual, here are some of the world’s strangest driving laws.

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1. Forbidden to Stop for Pedestrians – China

Apparently, niceness is not rewarded in Chinese driving law but rather punished. The world can agree that slowing down or stopping your car to let a pedestrian pass is the courteous thing to do. But in China, stopping pedestrians outside crossingways can lead to a warning or a fine of 5 RMB.

So, the next time you’re in China, please forgive drivers for not letting you cross. They might want to, but they can’t. 

2. You Can Drive Naked – Germany

We’re not sure why anyone would want to drive naked, but if you like the feeling of a light breeze against your body while driving, Germany is the place for you. Here, cars are considered private spaces, and you’re allowed to be fully naked inside them. 

However, once you step out of the car, you’ll be entering a public space where the previous rule does not apply. 

3. No Shooting Wild Animals From Your Car, Unless It’s a Whale – Tennessee, USA

When it comes to hunting animals in Tennessee, hunters must stick to the old-fashioned way of hiding behind a bush or tree; shooting animals from your car is punishable by law, resulting in a fine of over 100 dollars. Thankfully, whales are an exception to the rule.

So, if the next time you feel like hunting in the beautiful sealess wilderness of Tennessee, feel free to shoot any flying whales you come across.

4. No Eating or Drinking While Driving – Cyprus

Unlike anywhere else in the world, it’s illegal to enjoy a burger, ice cream, or milkshake while driving. Both your hands must be firmly placed on the wheel at all times when driving. Failure to comply results in an €85 fine. This is why you should consider driving on a full stomach in Cyprus.

Oh, and one more thing, water is not allowed too, not even a sip.

5. Leaving Your Car Unlocked Is Illegal – Australia

Yes, It’s perfectly natural to stop your car and leave it unlocked when you stop for your morning coffee, just not in Australia. Leaving your car unlocked or your keys inside means you’re breaking the law, and it can lead to a $114 fine. 

This law is passed in an effort to lower car theft rates. So, we should actually applaud the Australian authorities for having their nation’s best interest at heart. 

6. Lights Must Be Switched On No Matter the Time of Day – Sweden

It could be the sunniest of summer days, and you’d still need to flip your headlights on. It is mandatory for drivers to keep their headlights switched on regardless of what time of day it is – That’s why if you buy a Volvo, their day running lights are always on as standard! 

Funnily enough, in certain parts of the country, the sun doesn’t set at all during June. 

7. Must Check Under the Car Before Setting Off – Denmark

Denmark takes the cake. Drivers are obliged to check under their cars before driving. This one is particularly unfortunate because drivers aren’t looking for cats or stray animals taking shelter under their vehicles but for children who might be sleeping there. 

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